Susie Girl ❤

It’s been 1 month ago today that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge … There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you … I miss you so much , your face , your personality… EVERYTHING💔 I know your time with is over but grateful to have...

Mr. President ~Prez~

We love and miss your presence and your scruffy additude. You will never be forgotten, say Hi to Scarlett and Sky looks for you when Gabrielle put on videos of you barking. SIP August 31, 2019 at the age of 19yrs (133 Dog yrs).🐶🕊


Sweet girl, our princess, never be another like her. She is now st the rainbow bridge waiting for me and Anne Marie. See you on the other side Cookers , look out for Baxter


You gave us 13 years of love, happiness and companion. You were my first baby boy my gordo bello. You left us on earth but not in spirit. We hope you are enjoying the rainbow bridge with Hailey and kiki. Be free my gordo run wild like the wind and...


You gave us 11 years of happiness. You will never be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts. Although you became our little grouch, we still always showed you love. You always had your own way of showing affection and it made you very unique. You have been a...

❤ Tina ❤

My sweet Mama, my heart is broken and I will miss you so much. I love you and cherish your sweet soul. You were my best girl, and I pray that you are happy and healthy now at Rainbows Bridge. I love you my baby girl.


You gave us 15 years of joy, love and happiness. As hard and painful it was to let you go, my only comfort is knowing that you no longer suffer. I know that some where in heaven you are running around and playing with no ailments and no pain. I...

Giant Oreo-Betancourt

To our Giant with a giant HEART. You are he epitome of loyalty, love and happiness. We will never forget your appetite for all the good foods (especially carbs & sometimes even flies because why not?!), the way you thought you could chew threw the glass door if that meant...


For 8 years he was my sidekick. My shadow, my furry shoulder to cry on when life was tough. He made me and his Daddy laugh with his antics and attitude. He was smart. He was funny and he was loving. He didn’t favor one or the other. WE were...

Lady, Beau, Heidi, Beau, and Sammy

In my plot are my babies. They gave me such love and joy. They lived for me. I miss my first as I miss the last. I pray that they all will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.