My baby Butter. (2006–2020) You were the best cat I could’ve asked for, l knew this when I picked you out of your litter of siblings. Raising you from a kitten till now, I wish I could do it again. It pains me so much that you are no longer...


Betty- Por donde comienzo? Te extrano tanto. te pienso dia y noche mi cosa bella. Me hace falta los besos que te daba, los abrazos y el carino que me entregabas. Ya nada es igual- mis manana son tristes, mis tardes son aburridos y mis noches son solas sin ti....


Our Beloved Son, the sweetest boy ever. Forever loved and in our hearts. I remember the day we first met in the lobby rescue shelter in Brooklyn in 2011. To my disbelief, someone brought you in to surrender. You sat by the reception desk, looked over your shoulder, our eyes...


You were our first baby born on 2/21/79 and passed on 10/29/97. Even though it seems like many years, it was still not long enough. We miss you and love you forever and always. Mommy and daddy.


I love and miss you every day and always will. 13 years with you wasn’t enough. Time passes but pain remains. Love from your mommy


I love and miss you every day and love you forever and always. Time passes but pain remains. 13 years with you just wasn’t enough.

Coco Oreo-Betancourt

Life with you for the past thirteen years has been nothing short of wonderful. At 3 months old you managed to bring together a family that so desperately needed your love. We could have had any of your other brothers and sisters but you made sure we picked you the...


To My Loving and Beautiful Pet Daughter Tabitha: Thank you for the beautiful and joyful time you had shared with us. Mom and dad always miss you in our hearts. Love Susana and Ed

Andrea (Ande)

Andrea, I still can’t believe you are physically gone , wish I could have done more for you, I wish you could have stayed here longer . Thank you for the company , fun times and sweet moments your presence provided us with for the past 7 years . God...