In Loving Memory of…


It saddens me to tell you that we lost Horace on June 29th, 2013

We rescued Horace from a shelter in Hempstead and as soon as we saw him we knew he was a bunny with a very hard life. We estimated he was 11 years old

I remember the day he came to us at Long Island Rabbit Rescue. I think we all fell in love with him immediately. We put him in the last cage and all he would do was stare at the wall. We finally figured out he was blind and I could not let him spend one more second in a cage so I took him home.

When I decided to make him a part of our family he became a different bunny. He ran around his pen and would run to me when he sensed me coming. Even Bam Bam and Pebbles were happy to see him.

Being blind didn’t stop him from being happy and energetic

He would jump up on his hind legs when it was pellet and veggie time and he loved his apple treat.

His last couple of days his breathing got labored and he was very disoriented finding his way around the pen. He also had difficulty to keeping his food down

He has been an incredible joy for the short time he has lived with me

I am going to miss our petting time at night.

I take comfort in knowing he is at peace now and has a whole lot of friends greeting him over the Rainbow Bridge.