In Loving Memory of…

George (Eman)

Geore was a wonderful addition to our family, he was about 6 months old when he came into our lifes and brought us pure joy. he was neglected and afraid of everything, he would tremble with fear when handled. After time, love and paticents he came out of his shell, George became a spunkie little guy with a huge personalty.When he wanted attention, or to come out to cuddle he would jump on his house and stair at us sometimes you could just feel him staring. He was such a big part of our lifes, we loved him so much.

He lost his battle on December 22, 2012 after a blockage from a bladder stone. We got surgery for him, but saddly two days after surgery he lost his life. We tried in vein to save him, but he was called home.