In Loving Memory of…

Bam Bam

BAM BAM 05/08/2006-09/26/2018

Sadly my Little Man, Bam Bam passed on Wednesday September 26th. He was an incredibly special bunny who was so sweet and had no fear.

When he was rescued, the vet noticed his head tilting a little but with a little medication. It stopped, but his head still had a slight tilt. It was so much a part of his personality that we called him our little gangster bunny. He spent a lot of time at the vet to halt that head tilt and then how he would fly off the exam room table, hang onto Doc’s arm, and hump away. You mention his name and Doc will tell you that story like it was yesterday.

When I bunny sat for a bunny it never phased him even catching him a few times standing in front of their pens like he was the mayor, greeting them. Around 7 years ago I broke my hip and was on the floor for 3 hours until I finally got rescued and he never left my side.

For the last 6 months he was having health issues and even though he was eating normal, his weight was dropping. A little over a month ago the vet suggested that I should think about putting him to sleep. She thought his quality of life was not good since he had problems hopping and standing steady. I of course said no because he was still eating and every night he slept next to me and I know he was not experiencing any pain. I did not want him to leave this world in a vets office.

He was a tough bunny, fighting off 5 abscesses, a kidney scare, nasal issues for the last 5 years and goopy eyes which I finally got control of a few weeks ago. Every day I would hope that he would snap out of it and jump on and off the bed. I have had 12 wonderful years with him.

I think back to that first night again when I took him home 12 years ago and he went right for the litter box. I was amazed he came litter trained. I wanted him to be free roam and he never let me down, never peeing or pooping out of the litter box until old age hit.

I was amazed that same night when I saw him fly in the air jumping on my bed. He became my love bunny sleeping next to me every night until a cute baby Harlequin Lop named Pebbles came to our home and he dumped me for her. We consoled each other when we lost that cute little girl too early. He slept next to me every night when she left us and I cannot tell you how much that helped.

I wanted him to pass at home hopefully next to me. Eerily I shot a video of him on the bed next to me and I looked at him and said it was okay to go, Pebbles is waiting for him and 1 minute later, he was gone.

My Bam Bam is over the Rainbow Bridge running with his Pebbles, Dixie, Horace and Bugs along with all our pets we have lost.

I will miss you My Little Man. You made every day a happy day.