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The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery & Crematory is the most recognized pet cemetery in the world. We have been featured in television programs on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E Network, CNBC, E!Entertainment and PBS.

International films crews have been here to produce documentaries in Ireland, France, Japan, Korea, Italy, Chile, Spain, Russia, and Argentina.

We have also appeared in the printed media including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The Westchester Gannett newspapers, Animal Fair Magazine, Groom & Board Magazine, and Westchester Magazine.

Two books have been written about Hartsdale Pet Cemetery: Dr. Johnson’s Apple Orchard and The Peaceable Kingdom In Hartsdale (out of print).

Articles in the Press

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What kind of records does the facility keep?

Hartsdale records are maintained on a network of eight computers. All burials and cremations are entered on a daily basis. All burial plots indicate the owner’s name and address, the pet’s name, type of care (perpetual or annual) type of flower care (perpetual or annual), plot size, monument information, etc. With respect to cremations all individual cremations include the cremation number, owner’s name and address, pet’s name, attending veterinarian or clinic, date of cremation, date pet’s remains returned, etc. In addition the cemetery maintains copies of burial right certificates, cremation certificates and pet records.

How can I be sure that I am getting my own pet's remains back?

As indicated above the pet holder can always make arrangements to be at Hartsdale for the cremation. However if the owner cannot be present they can be assured that the staff at Hartsdale takes great care in assuring that the pet owner gets the correct ashes back. They accomplish this by verifying/checking the paperwork that is generated from the specific description, case number if applicable, owners name and pets name. This is done at a minimum of three times and the cremation itself is then witnessed by two of our staff.

Can I witness the commencement of the cremation process?

Yes. Hartsdale has what is termed a witnessed cremation. What this entails is that the pet holder makes an appointment to be at Hartsdale at a specific time and date. Upon arriving, for their appointment the pet is placed into a temporary casket and the pet holder is able to spend time with the pet in our viewing room. When the pet owner is ready they may then follow the pet to the crematory and witness the pet going into the unit. Then when the cremation process is complete, normally between 1½ to 3 hours depending on the size of the pet, the pet holder leaves with the cremains.