In Loving Memory of…

My Sweet Browny

(January 1, 2003 San Juan, Puerto Rico – October 9, 2019 New York, New York)

A tribute to my Browny

I first met my beautiful, sweet red border collie, Browny, when the clock hit midnight and a new year was upon us. She was a stray dog that was outside my door in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was on January 1, 2004. It was love at first sight for my mom who commented that this young stray was so beautiful. She sure was.

We ended up adopting her and naming her Browny because of her rich chocolate fur and her sweetness. She became our family dog. The vet said she was healthy and about six months to not more than a year old when we met her.

Immediately, Browny became a friend of my cats, Kris and Annie. She also was friendly with the outdoor community cats. They all loved her.

In 2005, I relocated to New York City with Browny and my cats, Kris, Annie and Sol (one of the outdoor kitties we were able to save). It was not an easy move, but we did it with love, sacrifice and adventure.

Browny loved New York as soon as she got out that airplane.

She made a new best friend, my mom’s beautiful cocker spaniel, Melody. They were good buddies. Melody was older than my Browny and welcomed her to the pack right away.

Browny loved car rides, going to pretty parks, running, rock climbing, dancing and enjoying lots of treats and toys. She loved to wear tiaras and flowers on her head, pretty dresses and parties. She was a girlie girl.

She was definitely an inspiration in my photography. A real model. She was great with having her photo taken. One year she won first place in a Halloween-themed photo contest at a popular pet store in Manhattan. Photos of her were exhibited in various art shows in NYC. Browny helped inspire my Kitty & Doggie News, a pet media and social marketing project for dogs, cats and the people who love them, and even had her own Browny’s Adventure Series show on YouTube.

She supported animal causes including participating in a walkathon to support shelter dogs. She was my mom’s official emotional support therapy dog though she did that for all of us.

Being with Browny was such a beautiful experience. Being around her made you feel beautiful. People always complimented her.

When Melody passed away in 2006, Browny became the only dog in the family for six years.

But she always had her cat buddies. The cats loved her even more than each other at times. She was always friendly with them.

When a new dog joined the family in 2012, Browny welcomed him right away. Shalom, the cockapoo, looks a lot like my Melody (in doggie heaven). But Browny was just happy to have another dog in the family. My Browny loved her doggie friends.

Browny got to spend many more days of her life with her best buddy, Shalom. They were together for almost seven years. He saw her as the leader most of the time, and Browny was a great older sister to him for sure. Being around Browny helped my Shalom deal with his separation anxiety issues. She was a great leader to him and the kitties. Afterall, she was a border collie.

My dogs became my dynamic duo. A loving team. We celebrated all the holidays together. Browny loved to celebrate everything and smile.

She brightened so many of our darkest days.When my cats, Kris and Annie, passed away, Browny was there for us.

Browny’s favorite people were my mom and me. But she was friendly to everyone. We made many new friends with our human and doggie neighbors, thanks to Browny. Everybody loved Browny.

On October 9, my girl of almost 17 years passed away at The Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery handled the cremation and her ashes returned to the family.

Browny is survived by her human moms, Milagros and Clarisel Gonzalez; Shalom, the cockapoo; and Sol, Blessing and Esperanza, the cats.

Browny is in heaven now with her buddies, Melody and Cindy (my childhood dog), and the cats, Kris and Annie. Run free.

We love you Browny forever. My beautiful brown girl. My princess. My smiley face girl. My love.

We used to call Browny la jefa/the boss because she could be demanding when she wanted. I always told her that she was the only jefa I have liked in my life.