In Loving Memory of…


Words can never express how much we LOVED you Enzo puppy… You were the glue that held our family together. You and Toro gave us a sense of PURPOSE in life, a reason for being, ‘My raison d’etre’…. We lived on your doggy time schedule and were THRILLED and BLESSED to do so for 13 years+.
I always knew you were a ‘foodie’ with great taste because you would sit on the edge of the kitchen watching and sniffing, savoring every ingredient I was putting into that day’s brunch or dinner… You had dibs on anything that fell.
Thank you for being such a BIG help in the kitchen my ‘Kitchen Assistant,’ ‘my ‘Sous Chef.’
I already miss seeing you smile at me by the kitchen doorway…
I liked envisioning you and Toro as my
‘Mer-dogs’ or ‘My Seahorses’ pulling me in a chariot made of a life-sized scallop shell whenever I was dressed up for the Mermaid Parade.
You never seemed to age…. You only achieved a quiet knowing with the years. When I was sad and really needed a hug, you were always there to accept my affection and ‘lean in’ to my embrace. I am so grateful for that. You allowed me to kiss the top of your muzzle (by your eyes) a million times without turning away to assert your independence. Thank you for being so sweet & loving my ‘Love Bunny.’ ❤️
You had true dignity and you were a distinguished gentleman until the very end.
Being your ‘Dog Mom’ was the best job I ever had. As your Pack Leader, it was my privilege to lead you, and stand by you in those last moments, helping you transition to the next place– Thank you for loving us UNCONDITIONALLY My Angel.
Thank you for bringing so much LOVE, LIGHT and unlimited ‘Doggy Smiles’ into our lives.
I will miss seeing your tail wag, your ears perk up, and your eyes sparkle whenever you SMILED at me.
I will miss your hugs…
Thank you for blessing our lives with your presence my Baby Pups. You were an IRREPLACEABLE member of our pack, and we will cherish your memory forever I promise.

Love You to the Moon and back!!!
Mom, Dad and Toro