In Loving Memory of…

Eli LaDuca

One of the toughest days was losing Eli, but he gave so much to everyone and had a special way of calming and easing everyone he touched.

He came to us as malnourished, confused and scared dog. But given the chance we showed him how to be a happy healthy dog and he never looked back. He took off and explored his world to the fullest and loved everyone he met. He figured out quickly what made him happy and what made us happy and never strayed from his new found talent of loving everyone and exploring. He created a regimen on his own and followed it to the letter every day. We called it the Eli Rule Book. Somehow he made these rules for himself on his own and we made sure he got to follow them. And he did!

This Dog was Special in every way.

One wag of his tail and you were his friend for life, and he watched out for you. Eli will be sorely missed he cared for his humans as much as we cared for him. He saved us just as much as we saved him 9 years ago.

Rest in Peace my good friend, We will always Love You and Miss you Terribly