In Loving Memory of…


You were with us for only 14 months but you left an indelible mark on all of our hearts. You were a kitty whose entire history we do not know.  You were probably born with small kidneys that precluded you from eating regular and tastier cat food.  The human food you showed more interest in, was out of question.  Despite this and a likely stroke that made you progressively mobility-challenged, you never let those or any other setbacks stop you.  You were a determined spirit who never took no for an answer;  you were also a serial counter-surfer (until the stroke) and frequently thought outside of the box when it came to pooping. 
Your habits drove some of us up the walls, but you were a one of a kind kitty and we came to love you for your indomitable spirit.  We hope you have accepted us in your life too.
Your last days were brief, and even though you were visited by the vet who is probably not your favorite human, he helped you shorten your suffering and gently sent you off on your new journey. 
You looked so peaceful – you wore a smile when you passed away.

Farewell our dear, you are free to eat anything you like, run as fast and far as you like, and jump on any surface you can reach.
We will love you, always.

March 14, 2013