In Loving Memory of…


My lola passed away this weekend, 3/8/2014, Our beautiful lola was happy, funny, serious at times, she had an attitude, a funny kind of attitude. funny memories of lola are when i would buy tuna fish, and i opened up the can of tuna with a can opener, poof! lola is at the kitchen and meowing like crazy to give her some. When i would come home from work, i would look under the door before i come in, i see four legs walking pass the door. she was behind the door waiting for me. lola loved sleeping on everyone’s bed. she knew one trick also that my daughter taught her, to sit. my daughter had her treats and was telling her to sit. lola looked at her as if she was saying, “huh, ok, there i sat, give me my treat.” so many fond memories i wish i could write down, but my lola was my furbaby i miss her so much, and i will always love her, and have her in my heart
S.I.P. my beautiful furbaby