In Loving Memory of…


Thank you for filling the hole in my heart when my first cat Yardie died. Thank you for making my house a home, for your golden eyes, for your luxurious fur so fine, and for your purr and your marshmallow paws, and your “club girl” eye markings. And your tail, you should have been in jail with such a tail, such an outrageously beautiful tail.

I will never forget your courage. When thunder would sound and lightning struck Yardie hid in the closet, but you would jump up on the window sill and watch the lightning. After your hysterectomy and both your cancer surgeries I had to turn all the chairs over on their sides because you kept trying to jump up on them before your staples were out, you did not have a clue as to the severity of what you had been through, and I wanted you to rest. Years later the Vet said you seemed like a cat much younger than 17 and I was so proud of you. And when you were 18 you still jumped up on your favorite furniture and even made your way up into the sleeping loft. I never thought time would take you from me, my invincible one, but in the end time broke my heart when it meant you had to go.

My gray pearl, you have gone to a place of light and love where your amazing bounteous spirit will soar free and I know we will be together again someday.

-Your loving Patticat