In Loving Memory of…

Kitty, Mr Kitty..

Kitty,Mr. Kitty, Kittybelle, names only you and I knew. I took you in after many many months of trying to gain your trust and be your friend in 2004. You never meowed your whole life but expressed yourself in other ways and turned into a “one of a kind friend”. I will miss, when you always would reach up to me and give me a kiss, no other cat has ever done that. You lived a happy life and brought the other cats and myself such joy. To finally be loved and be able to stay indoors, considering what you endured as a kitten (living alone outside in the wild) made you so happy. You said.” I have a home” I lost my dear beloved friend and its very painful. SweetieToes and PumpkinRose, miss you so. I find comfort in knowing you are with Granny and all of our beloved cats that have passed. You will live on “forever” in my heart and until we meet again.
Love Mom xxx. Miss you so.