In Loving Memory of…

Gloria and Gigi (daughter and mum)

Gigi was living the life of a brand new homeless single mum without the assistance of a human; she was barely a year old, had been dumped when pregnant and found a hole under a pool house to have her babies.

This was the South where the soil is red and rich. When I found the three kitties she’d had–Hadley, Oscar, and Gloria–they were as red as could be with this dirt and ~four-weeks feral born. Momma Gigi was trusting and sweet but fearful. I let her wander in and out of my place to see what she thought–she approved. Then I set about rescuing those tiny adorables. The Trust Gigi and I found in each other during this process was a gift from God I have no doubt. She built my faith and I hers. The weeks of love and fun (and deparasiting:-) that ensued I will treasure forever! Once they’d been cleaned up and returned from the vet’s office with droppers of medicine to dispense, and weening to start, I can say those weeks brought me a lifetime of HAPPY memories–The Trouble those three achieved! And Momma Gigi always watching and cleaning and loving! I had to gift the boys to another home when the time was right, and drove Gloria and Gigi back to NY with me when it was time to wrap up that work assignment.
Gigi left us in 2017 after achieving her lifelong dream of a home and yard all to herself to protect and be prideful over. Gloria was a childlike creature her whole life–she after all had a cat Momma, human momma and a visiting GrandMary to dote over her endlessly. She literally tried to nurse until she was two and only when I scolded Gigi for putting up with that did it end:-)
They had some spats over the years as all mommas and daughters, but the love was fast. Now these 16 years later I’m certain that Gigi, Gloria, Oscar and Hadley are reunited in heaven, running playing frolicking and upending all decorum with their hilarious antics and boundless love of life they all shared. Gigi you especially have my heart for what you endured with such dignity and I know your welcome into heaven came with trumpets and the joy of never having to worry over anything again! Everyone you love is fine. Baby Glory, you live in every cell of my body:-) Luv u both so much.