In Loving Memory of…

Cosmo ( aka:Boo Boo )

Today is a sad day…we had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Cosmo. At almost 20 years old, he has been a constant in our lives. Always sweet and loving…a mama’s kitty for sure. He loved people and all that entered our home would get a loving nudge, urging them to pet him. If your shoes came off when you entered the house, he made them his bed…just to get the scent of his family on him. As he aged, it became harder and harder for him to get moving…he had good days and bad ones. Today was especially bad for him.
It will be hard for me to see his empty bed, and I will miss him waiting at my bedroom door to be fed (he always heard the alarm go off and knew I would be up soon after). I will miss his nose nudging me as he snuggled next to me, waiting for a head rub, and a chin scratch.
We’ve had him since he was a kitten, and during the past 10 years he’s endured insulin dependent diabetes, arthritis, cataracts, and cancer. His old body just became weary of all these things and it was time to let him go. I love you my sweet old man ….you will be missed dearly. Over the rainbow bridge where will you feel no more pain.