In Loving Memory of…


We missed you very much, more than you know. You just walked away from us without letting us know, too sudden and too much to bear, we are absolutely not ready for it. We missed you everyday and we loved you so much. We are all very sorry that we didn’t pat you enough and showed you how much you were loved. We know the new members of the family did take away much of our attention as we were too busy caring for them. No matter what, you still hold a very important place in our heart, you were our first pet and the best, you never gave us any trouble, except that when you were little, you got so curious and got yourself into the printer cartridge and lickign the ink. We were so worried that we call animal food poison center, paid a heavy fee in order to make sure you are safe and sound. You are always healthy and never really get sick except the minor skin problem and allergy issues. The allergy medication make you eat so much and you never know when to stop. As you get older, you are a little chubby and need to lose some weight but we don’t how to stop you from eating since you enjoy eating so much. Your worst enemy Kashmere is roaming around the house unsettled, I guess she knows you are gone. I’m sure she missed you so much as she likes to groom you in the morning (which you hated so much). I’m so sorry for the extra stress we put you through to deal with Kashmere as you two doesn’t get along very well. Forgive her, she is just a little rascal. Kirby missed you everyday so were Kahleb. Now you are rested in heaven looking down on us. You need to know that we all loved you very much an d always be, rest in peace, enjoy your heavenly food!!
Love, Mom & Dad, Kevin, Kathleen, Kirby, Kashmere & Kahleb