In Loving Memory of…


My baby Butter. (2006–2020)
You were the best cat I could’ve asked for, l knew this when I picked you out of your litter of siblings. Raising you from a kitten till now, I wish I could do it again. It pains me so much that you are no longer here with me, my eyes swell from crying. Even after doing all the best, I still wish there was more I could’ve done for you. You were always happy! you made biscuits all day long, I loved watching you do that. You were so loving of everyone, even if you didn’t know them for long even new cats we adopted, you weren’t catty as expected. You were so accepting and loving but especially of me.. and I’m gonna miss that feeling of unconditional love. If you weren’t inside baking biscuits, you’d be outside with your pals. You loved to be outside! always hanging out with friends and bringing them back home to be fed. So smart and trustful you knew how to find your way home, I never doubted your return to me. I’m sorry that as you aged I started restricting you from being outside, but I wanted to protect you as you weren’t so strong as before. You were my personal pet, so I knew when this day would come it was going to hurt.. as you got older and weaker its almost like I distanced myself emotionally because I knew when you left, I’d be broken. They say most cats don’t live this long, so I believe you held on until your mission here was complete, whether it was teaching me lessons, being my guide or just needing someone to be your servant! and I thank you for loving me. I truly don’t know how to live without you Butter. I’m wishing that you are now at peace and you will make new friends up in the sky, and play until we meet again. I love you so much, please look over me and visit me. I wont ever forget you my beautiful Butter boy.