In Loving Memory of…


Boots was a very special cat. He did not fit the stereotype of the “cold and aloof” feline. Instead, he was a loving little guy who I could always find waiting at the door for me when I came home; who followed me around the house like my shadow; who jumped up on the walls with his front two paws so I could pet his head. He was the most dear and the most devoted cat I could have ever asked for.

Boots kept my Grandmother company until she passed away, after which he came to live with me. Grandma was a lifelong dog lover, never owned a cat. But Boots needed a home and she agreed to take him… however I don’t think she thought she would like him as much as she did! When I would visit her, she would say “He’s a very nice cat, you know?” Her tone was filled with pleasant surprise, as if she hadn’t expected to enjoy a cat’s company! I didn’t know what she really meant until Boots came to live with me. Then I would always find myself thinking: “He really IS a very nice cat! This is what Grandma meant!” I was so happy to discover what a loving companion Grandma had with her to the end. It brings me comfort to know he was with her when she passed.

He is terribly missed and no cat can ever replace him.

Rest in peace my little Boots.