A Tradition of Caring

We help keep the memory of your pet alive…
For more than 100 years, a special place for pets and the people who love them. In this tranquil, beautiful cemetery and crematory, every aspect of your pet’s final resting place is handled professionally, respectfully, and lovingly.

Helping people through a time of great loss and sorrow
Here at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and Crematory, our people understand how sad a time it is for pet owners. That’s why, at every step of the way, we provide our services in a caring, compassionate and thoughtful way. We listen, we explain, we offer a variety of options. We never push. We are proud of our long history of both kindness and excellence. We know that our workplace is hallowed ground…that the pets here are truly family members. All of our experienced employees are committed to their jobs. From the moment we are contacted, anything that can be done to smooth the way and lessen grief is done. We provide total service in burials and cremations, offering numerous choices, taking care of details, making sure that nothing is left to chance and all goes exactly as planned

A historic hillside in the heart of Westchester
It began with a simple act of kindness in 1896 by Dr. Samuel Johnson, a noted New York City veterinarian. A client, distressed and saddened at the death of her dog, wanted to give it a proper burial. But, there was no way to legally do this in the city. Being a man of great kindness and compassion, Dr. Johnson offered his hillside apple orchard in Hartsdale for the burial. The woman gratefully accepted and soon her beloved pet was resting peacefully among the apple trees. Though the woman’s name, as well as her pet’s, has been lost to history, one fact is certain. Her pet is still here in this peaceful, beautiful place, as are tens of thousands more. Soon, with the help of a story by a local reporter, Dr. Johnson was besieged by literally hundreds of requests from grieving pet owners. Unable to ignore or abandon these people, Dr. Johnson increasingly allowed more and more land to be set aside for these pets. Flower arrangements and stone markers soon followed. What had been an apple orchard had become America’s first pet cemetery. In 1914, to ensure the safety of all the pets at rest, the land was incorporated so it would always be utilized as a pet cemetery.

Today it is home to nearly 80,000 pets – from dogs and cats to rabbits and reptiles and even a lion cub. All are welcome here.

A total commitment to quality and the highest standards
We are a member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and licensed by the state of New York. At our last inspection by the state, the inspector noted that Hartsdale’s procedures and controls exceed the standards of most human crematoria. Cremains are returned in a free decorative tin with a removable top. Or, an owner may choose from a tasteful selection of urns.

Here at Hartsdale, we do not engage in any other business. And the NYS Department of Environmental Control has approved all of our crematoria. Plus, we are fortunate to have sufficient land in our cemetery to sustain growth for many years to come. Tranquil and beautiful, professional and caring. This is truly a special place for pets and the people who love them.

America’s First and Most Prestigious Pet Burial Grounds and Crematory
We pride ourselves in our professionalism. All records are kept on a network of computers. Our systems to ensure quality are time-tested and unrivaled in the industry. All equipment and standards are state-of-the-art. Pet owners can visit Hartsdale any time they wish. (We’re open every day except New Year’s Day.) Three times a year flowers are planted. Dr. Johnson, we’re sure, would be extremely proud of his hillside apple orchard.

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What kind of records does the facility keep?

Hartsdale records are maintained on a network of eight computers. All burials and cremations are entered on a daily basis. All burial plots indicate the owner’s name and address, the pet’s name, type of care (perpetual or annual) type of flower care (perpetual or annual), plot size, monument information, etc. With respect to cremations all individual cremations include the cremation number, owner’s name and address, pet’s name, attending veterinarian or clinic, date of cremation, date pet’s remains returned, etc. In addition the cemetery maintains copies of burial right certificates, cremation certificates and pet records.

How can I be sure that I am getting my own pet's remains back?

As indicated above the pet holder can always make arrangements to be at Hartsdale for the cremation. However if the owner cannot be present they can be assured that the staff at Hartsdale takes great care in assuring that the pet owner gets the correct ashes back. They accomplish this by verifying/checking the paperwork that is generated from the specific description, case number if applicable, owners name and pets name. This is done at a minimum of three times and the cremation itself is then witnessed by two of our staff.

Can I witness the commencement of the cremation process?

Yes. Hartsdale has what is termed a witnessed cremation. What this entails is that the pet holder makes an appointment to be at Hartsdale at a specific time and date. Upon arriving, for their appointment the pet is placed into a temporary casket and the pet holder is able to spend time with the pet in our viewing room. When the pet owner is ready they may then follow the pet to the crematory and witness the pet going into the unit. Then when the cremation process is complete, normally between 1½ to 3 hours depending on the size of the pet, the pet holder leaves with the cremains.