Kensi Davis

You will be forever in our hearts. Date Born: 5/11/2006Date Deceased : 10/6/2016


In loving memory of Waif, who loved the outdoors, good food and purring for his people. He will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace. Date Born: 1/1/95Date Deceased : 8/12/12


In loving memory of Sugar, who was a fighter despite her physical frailty and painful terminal illness. She always expressed her gratitude to her person in many warm and furry ways. She knew when her person was not feeling well, and was always there to comfort her. She is greatly...


My Tennessee hound, you are missed Date Born: 0/01/2000Date Deceased : 09/12/2016


Our beloved cat, Onslow, passed away suddenly this summer. Onslow was a unique individual who thoroughly enjoyed life. His intelligence, curiosity, love and companionship will be greatly missed. Barbara and Shane Date Born: 11/01/04Date Deceased : 08/10/16

Teddy Austin

I miss you so much! You were my everything! I will love you forever my handsome boy! Date Born: 02/25/1998Date Deceased : 09/01/2016

Andy O’Brien

Our beloved Andy (Little Man, Drew), You came into my life when I was single as a rescue that was full of vigor and separation anxiety. Although you experienced a multitude of health issues and diminished senses as you aged over the past 5 years, you continued to persevere. Your...

Alfie Tunnicliffe

My darling beautiful boy. I am so lost without you. You died two months ago today and I have not been able to write this, to put the words down made it too real. I miss you more than words can ever express, there will always be a space in...


Miley was the sweetest little bunny we could have ever asked for. We were blessed with 7 fun filled years in which she brought so much love and happiness to us all, including her canine sisters Lola and Sadie. Even though Miley is gone, she will forever be our sista...