Our Beloved Daughter. Forever loved and in our hearts. For 14 years, you have colored our world with your sassy spark. Filling our hearts with laughter & joy. Your little brother, George misses you dearly. You were daddy’s little girl. Mommy’s baby girl and best friend. You turned so many...


I’ll always miss you… Date Born: 04/07/2007Date Deceased : 04/06/2017


Forever in Our Hearts Beloved Son, Brother and Nephew The Cutest and Prettiest Cat that ever lived Date Born: 05/02/2005Date Deceased : 03/26/2017


Lenny “Antonio Benedetto Leonardo” was love. Run fast! You are dearly missed, old friend. Love, Mommy Lenny had a lot of personality and character for a dog. Love, Uncle Brian Lenny was an outstanding member of the clean plate club. He will always have a piece of our hearts. Love,...


We will love you always sweet Prilo. Forever our good, sweet girl. Date Born: 04/08/2005Date Deceased : 03/08/2017


D-O-G was a very special member of our family. He had a fun personality. He became a member of our family on June 9th 2003 at 6 months old. Our first adventure with D-O-G was when he ate a wild mushroom and became “stoned”. He loved to ride in the...

Suzi Smiler

I was a 12yo Rat Terrier mix when the Lady and her husband began fostering me through Ready For Rescue on Oct 7th 2014. My human mum had recently died and someone dropped me off at the ACC in Manhattan. I was on the ‘to be destroyed’ list for three...


Forever in my heart, I will love you always my sweet roro Date Born: 3/2004Date Deceased : 03/06/2017


Our sweet Molly we miss you much. You were deeply loved and will forever remain in our hearts! We were so lucky to have you in our lives. Love always, Your family Date Born: 06/07/2008Date Deceased : 02/16/2017


Beloved Puccini Date Born: 02/09/2001Date Deceased : 02/14/2017